About the product:

  • Clé de Peau Basic Care Refreshing Protective Emulsion SPF22 provides you with a youthful and crispy finish
  • It is a multi-benefits daytime emulsion that effectively protects skin against UV rays, dryness, and other environmental factors while encouraging a look of absolute vibrance
  • Brilliant Cells refer to neatly aligned corneocytes with ideal nanostructures which form skin's texture and are capable of producing and capturing light on their own
  • Through the unique Brilliant Cell Management, it helps create a brilliant environment and encourage brilliant skin
  • By aligning the uneven structure on a microscopic level, skin shines more brilliantly and beautifully so as to achieve skin with radiance that emanates from within

Volume: 125 ml

Use in the morning after applying skin conditioning lotion. Pump the dispenser twice (1.5 mL) onto a piece of facial cotton. Place the cotton on the middle and ring fingers, and secure with the index and little fingers. Thoroughly apply by following the contours of your face.


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