About the product:

This is the perfect mascara to add length with the first application and glamorous volume with the second


  1. Place the wand at the root of your eyelashes and lightly wiggle it back and forth. Move the brush from the root of your eyelashes to their tip, wiggling the brush back and forth as you go. The wiggling helps separate your lashes, so you are not left with a clumpy, spidery look
  2. Avoid pumping ‘Mega Volume’ mascara wand in and out of the bottle when getting ready to apply it. This pushes air into the bottle and makes your mascara dry out faster
  3. Don't forget to coat your inner lashes. "Many girls only apply mascara to the middle and outer corners of their lashes. This can give off an illusion that changes your eye shape, making them look closer together or more narrow. Think of your lashes as a fan with three sections. You want to amplify every section of the fan -- middle, outer side and inner side -- to really open up your eyes and flatter your eye shape
  4. When applying multiple coats of ‘Mega Volume’ mascara, avoid putting several coats on one eye at a time. You'll end up with "one really thick coat." Instead, get a more defined finish by applying one coat on your left eye, then switching to your right, then going back to your left, and so on. This allows each coat a little necessary time to set (but not completely dry) before you put on the next coat

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